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(Updated) Jon Stewart Baffled by CNN: 'You're Not Even News Anchors Anymore


"We get so caught up watching Fox News..."

On Monday's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart admittedly took a break from jabbing Fox News and turned his satirical attention to CNN. What ensued was a hilarious segment that resembled Stewart's old mockery of former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, complete with a mash up of some of CNN's best worst moments.

"We get so caught up watching Fox News and everything we forget to check in on the 24 hour news network that started it all -- the most trusted name in news, CNN; the gold standard. What have they been up to lately?"

Here's what Stewart found (and it involved "reporter roulette" and a cat in a bunny mask):*


*The Daily Show player is not working properly, which caused the wrong video to show up. Thanks to Mediaite for providing a working video.

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