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Skier's Incredible Mountain Fall Caught on Helmet Cam


I'm Sooooo Lucky!'

Stefan Ager is an Austrian skier who likes the rush of back-mountain skiing. It seems only appropriate, then, that he would be the one to capture his own shocking, out-of-control tumble down one such mountain during a recent ski trip. The footage is incredible. Even more so? Ager is alright (the slip comes at about 0:50):

The Daily Mail explains:

The 15-second fall, down the almost vertical, rocky incline, was all captured on his helmet cam.

When he eventually landed , he let out an audible gasp of pain before looking up at the route he had just fallen down.

Incredibly, despite spinning out of control for much of his fall, he somehow managed to avoid being dashed on any of the larger rocky outposts - and landed safely in a snowdrift at the bottom of the mountain.

Mr Ager has become a global internet hit following his astonishing escape and he said he is thankful he is still in one piece.

He said: 'I am sooooo lucky!'

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