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Again With The Effeminate Nazis


Japanese pop group Kishidan sparked outrage after appearing on MTV Japan dressed in hilarious SS-styled attire. This comes right on the heels of (former) Dior designer John Galliano's "I love Hitler!" tirade and suggests a disturbing new trend of effeminate, oddly-coiffed man-boys displaying some bizarre affinity for Nazis.

Japanese pop group Kishidan dressed as effeminate SS troopers.

The six members of Kishidan - who look so incredibly un-tough that they could presumably be defeated by a single asthmatic with a spatula - didn't mean to offend, according to Sony Music Artists. The firm issued an apology on their behalf, declaring that the band's choice of attire "was not meant to carry any ideological meaning whatsoever." Of course not! Since when did Nazis have any kind of ideological meaning? Not since at least last week, when Wisconsin governor Scott Walker was equated with Hitler.

Incidentally, if pro-union protesters believe WI governor Scott Walker is Hitler, and if designer John Galliano loves Hitler, it's only reasonable to assume that John Galliano loves Governor Walker. Therefore, if Walker is looking to draft an energetic and outspoken individual who looks like a cross between Captain Jack Sparrow and Pippi Longstocking - and who is totally unemployed at the moment - he need look no further.

via guardian.co.uk.

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