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Rachel Maddow's 'Embarrassing' Segment Takes Shot at Megyn Kelly


“Happy International Women’s Day to you as well.”

MSNBC must like superlatives.

Former host Keith Olbermann used to have a segment called "World's Worst." Now Rachel Maddow is trying to pump life into a new segment she's calling, "What's More Embarrassing?"

The premise is pretty simple: Maddow lists three news stories and asks, "What's more embarrassing?" Viewers then text their vote. So how exactly does one get this segment off the ground? By taking a swipe at one of Fox News's most successful anchors, Megyn Kelly.

Maddow decided to list Kelly as the number three story of the day for a tweet Kelly sent out advertising her "Kelly's Court" segment on Kelly's own show. The tweet was about a recent story where a man beat a woman into a coma over a parking space: “A man beats a 100 pound woman into a coma over a parking space. He claims she deserves it. Could he be right? In Kelly’s Court!” Kelly, a lawyer, then "ruled" on the story. The woman "won."

Still, that was just so absolutely, ridiculously, grotesquely, embarrassing according to Maddow:

The interesting part that Maddow failed to report on is that Kelly's tweet was actually quite appropriate considering the content of the segment. In it, Kelly revealed that the man is claiming self-defense after he says he was hit first. Being a fair journalist, Kelly wanted to look at both sides. And yes, she's also a shrewd Twitter marketer.

Those points, however, were lost to Maddow's audience. It voted her tweet the most embarrassing story of the day:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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