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Haunting Video of 13-Year-Old Bullying Victim



A 13-year old Connecticut girl who has been allegedly bullied by her peers for the past two years has taken her plight to YouTube, posting a haunting video expressing how the bullying has affected her. She uploaded the video on March 14 and already over 50,000 people have viewed it.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/37_ncv79fLA?fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0 expand=1]

Alye Pollack, an eighth-grader at Bedford Middle School in Westport, doesn't speak in the video, but just holds up a series of signs. One sign says that she only has three or four friends. "Why?" another sign she holds asks. "I am bullied," she explains simply.

MyFoxNY reports:

She says other girls have bullied her and that she has only three or four friends. One of her classmates confirmed this to Fox 5. That classmate said she wrote a secret note to Alye saying she supports her.

Bedford's principal sent an email to parents on Friday saying the school was investigating a case of cyber bullying.

Alye's mother said the video was her daughter's idea alone, according to a report.

Since Alye posted the video on Mach 14, support for Alye has grown and questions about what to do about bullying have been raised.

The superintendent of the school district said he could not comment about this specific case because of privacy reasons. But he did say the district has been agreesive in confronting bullies.

"We've been very rigid about being intolerant about bullying," Dr. Elliott Landon told the Westport News. "If there's any sign that a kid's in trouble, we act on that immediately."

Alye's message in the video clip was simple, but touching. "Think before you say things. It might save...lives," she writes in a series of signs, which you can see below.

Alye says that not a day has gone by in the last couple of years that she hasn't been called:

She admits that she's not happy and that the bullying has driven her to despair:

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