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Little Emperor' Syndrome? Meet the 130 Pound Chinese Toddler


"legs can't support his weight..."

Via Yahoo news:

A three-year-old boy in China has got his parents worried because he weighs 60kg, five times more than an average boy of his age.

Lu Hao's weight was normal at 5.51 pounds when he was born, but within months he started to grow overweight.

His Dad said: "Of course I worry about him. Basically his legs can't support his weight. A nearly four-year-old boy has to support 60kg. His heart is also under pressure because of the heavy load."

Some medical experts think he might have a growth hormone disorder, but others blame the "Little Emperor" syndrome, wherein parents, only allowed one child in China, spoil their kids.

A typical dinner for Lu Hao consists of several bowls of rice and steamed fish--and he throws a tantrum when his parents deny him food. He also doesn't like it, apparently, when people call him names in the street, according to his mother:

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