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Update: Driver Behind Shocking Car Crash Vid Says It's Real


"You realize you almost filmed your own death?"

This morning's viral video of an unbelievable highway car accident has sparked quite a debate. The video shows what appears to be a 2x4 slamming through the windshield of a car. Initially, we wondered if it was fake, and explained why. You weighed in, too. As of publish time, over 66 percent of Blaze readers agreed. Turns out, it's real.

(Watch the incredible video.)

The Wendy Cobb we couldn't find earlier this morning surfaced on the auto website Jalopnik and told her story. According to her, she had her cell phone camera out to film, and then report, two trucks playing "cat and mouse." But what the 40-year-old in Shelby, NC captured was much more incredible. She explains to Jalopnik:

The 2x4 was in the road, along with several others, but when the truck in front of me hit it, and then his trailer hit it, it just propelled it into me. I don't know why I didn't scream or cuss or cry, I guess just pure shock, I could barely form words to call 911. But I most definitely know how lucky I was. Damage was mostly the hood and windshield, again, very lucky.

Jalopnik confirmed her story with the local police.

Cobb also told her story to the "Today" show this morning, and answered critics who say the video is fake:

Cobb said the police were stunned, with one of the officers saying, "You realize you almost filmed your own death?" Wow.

They say almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Apparently, it also counts if you're Wendy Cobb and you film, as Jalopnik says, "the scariest car crash ever caught on video."

Read the entire report from Jalopnik.

(H/T: Cobb's sister, Stacey)

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