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White Kids to be Minority by End of Decade


“The real energy in cities is going to be from Hispanics coming in.”

Remember the guy who created a scholarship in Texas for a new minority group, whites? Well, it seems he was on to something.

According to U.S. census data, reported by London's Daily Mail, white children will be outnumbered by minority children by 2019, four years earlier than expected. And by 2042, minorities will outnumber whites across the entire population.

The Mail says the demographic change is due to a declining birthrate among whites and a booming birthrate among Asians and Hispanics. The latter group has now become the nation's largest minority:

The figures show the extent to which the higher birth rates and the relentless tide of immigration is leading to a change in the make-up of the American people.

Experts said the numbers were ‘demographically urgent’ and emphasised the need to address the issue. [...]

‘For the first time, people are opening their eyes to the situation,’ said demographer William H. Frey

The census data shows that white children are now a minority in 10 states - one in five of the total.

Nationwide, Latinos are already the largest minority and one in five pupils comes from a Hispanic background.

“The real energy in cities is going to be from Hispanics coming in,” Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, told the Washington Post regarding city growth. “Cities in the industrial Midwest could use an infusion of new immigrant minorities coming in. Cleveland and Detroit haven’t done well; they’re not attracting enough Hispanics. Clearly, Hispanics were the magic bullet for a lot of cities.”

Considering the rise of Latinos in the country, the Mail wonders if the numbers could benefit Barack Obama come 2012.

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