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Glenn Beck meets 'The Blaze

Glenn Beck Meets "The Blaze"

Glenn is getting ready to go on the spring comedy tour. His calling it the Elegant Eliminations show for reasons that are not quite yet clear.  We at The Blaze will be paying careful attention.  We are also helping to sponsor the the tour.  So if you are planning to attend you will encounter The Blaze.  We mean that literally.  And not just because I will be around on some of the stops.  In sponsoring the comedy tour we wanted something that embodied The Blaze and fit the spirit of the event.  So we are sending The Blaze on the tour.  Meet our new mascot -- "The Blaze."

"The Blaze" will be making appearances with Glenn on the Elegant Eliminations tour.  This will be a lot more fun than the big meeting at Bretton Woods this weekend, though Soros may indeed have his own "Spooky Dude" costumed mascot wandering around Bretton Woods.  Keep an eye out for that.

"The Blaze" wandered around the Mercury Radio Arts offices today.  People were mildly eager to have a picture taken with this newly beloved figure.

You too will be able to have your picture taken with "The Blaze" during the stops on the tour.  We'll be featuring many of those pictures right here on The Blaze.  This may fill your heart with joy overflowing.  But for those that meet "The Blaze," there is the sad reality that at some point you will have to say goodbye:

Glenn Beck says goodbye to "The Blaze"
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