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Too Far? New Anti-Gun Ad Features Man Shooting Silhouette of a Child


"engaging in sensationalizing"

If Sarah Palin was demonized for placing a "target" over Rep. Gabbie Giffords's Arizona District, do you think there will be any fallout from a new anti-gun ad that features a man shooting a paper target featuring the silhouette of a young girl?

The new ad is the brainchild of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. It's supposed to raise concerns about extended gun magazines like the kind used by Tucson shooter Jared Loughner. But instead its raising questions of reticence.

In it, a man can be seen loading his hand gun with a 32-shot magazine. After cocking the gun, he begins firing rapidly. The camera then cuts away to his target: a silhouette of a young girl with pig tails:

“We think this ad is extremely tasteless," National Rifle Association spokeswoman Rachel Parsons told The Blaze. “This does nothing to address the real issue. We need to do more to make sure disqualified parties don’t get their hands on these things. That’s not what this ad is doing. It’s engaging in sensationalizing.”

Rather than being constructive, she said, the ad instead demonizes law-abiding citizens: “They're trying to make it seem that anyone who would own a magazine with more than 10 rounds is obviously out to commit mass murder."

But banning a magazine with more than 10 rounds is exactly what the bill the ad supports -- the Lautenberg-McCarthy legislation which would ban "high capacity" ones-- would do. That, Parsons said, is odd considering 10 rounds is far from "high-capacity." Instead, most hand guns are sold with standard magazines that hold 12 rounds.

"Lawful people are being disrespected," she said

We reached out to the Brady Campaign for comment but did not hear back.

Besides the young girl's image, the ad also features the images of an elderly man, a woman, a postman, and a graduate:

This isn't the first ad to use doomed children to trumpet a message. Back in October, the climate-change group 10:10 released a video of children who deny global warming exploding in front of their classmates:

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