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Friday morning must-reads


It's Tax Day! But don't worry if you're not done filing: due to an obscure declared holiday in the District of Columbia, the deadline has been extended to Monday.

Caught on tape: Obama complains about Republicans' "nickle and dime" attempts to shut down ObamaCare

Obama also disappointed the Oval Office doesn't have more "cool" TVs and phones

Kidnapped Italian pro-Palestinian activist found murdered by radical Islamists in Gaza

Progressives' new plan to save Detroit with drugs and sex

Have the US & NATO given up on Libya?

Speaker Boehner invites Israeli PM to address Congress

Rhetoric overload: Obama says GOP wants to make USA worse than "third world"

The Donald fails basic civics test

Paul Ryan sees silver lining in Obama attacks

Time magazine's Holy Week cover: "Is Hell Dead?"

In honor of 4/15, Mary Katharine Hamm stars in "A Taxpayer Can Dream":

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