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Woman Bandit Disguises Appearance By Drawing Beard on Her Face


"...this is like the wildest thing probably we’ve seen here."

At quick, first glance this may appear like a man (sort of):

But the black "beard" on this "man's" face didn't fool the gas stations owners "he" tried to rob. See, the "he" is really a she who tried to disguise her appearance by using a marker to draw a beard on her face:

CBS 13 reports:

Modesto police are searching for a woman who robbed a gas station dressed as a man, complete with a fake beard she had drawn on her face.

The heist took place at about 9:30 Wednesday night at the Chevron on Fifth Street. The thinly disguised woman showed the clerk a gun and demanded money from him.

“He was like ‘No, no it’s a real beard.’ I was like ‘No, it’s definitely a fake beard drawn on,’” said Rahda Sharma, the station’s owner.

Cops said the bearded bandit not only tried to look like a man, but she tried to sound tough, too, by deepening her voice.

She only got away with a small amount of cash before pedaling off on her getaway bike.

“We were upset of course, but it was also kind of like, wow, this is like the wildest thing probably we’ve seen here,” said Sharma.

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