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How to Collect Taxes in Pakistan? Threaten Delinquents With Transgender Tax Collectors


They're considered "outcasts" in the Muslim country.

There really aren't many words to describe what you're about to see. The best I can do is this: you know how some unions in Wisconsin are threatening boycotts of businesses who refuse to put up pro-union signs? Take that, change the businesses to delinquent tax payers, and then change the unions to transgender Pakistani tax collectors. Oh, and change the threat of a boycott to the threat of shaming the taxpayer by showing up and dancing.

Still with me?

Here's what you have: the Pakistani government has hired transgender tax collectors (men who want to be, and dress up as, women) who go out and harass delinquent tax payers. Their method? They threaten said tax payers by promising to show up with more transgender collectors and dancing, thus shaming the business in to paying. Guess what? It kind of, sort of, works.

See, the transgender collectors are considered "outcasts" in the Muslim country, and if they hang around your establishment, it's considered bad for business.

From CNN:

CNN producer Nadia Bilchik explains more about the practice of "shaming" people into paying their taxes:

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