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Re: Meredith's response



I still hold fast to my original point, while also saying that I agree with most of what you wrote. Sure, there are time constraints. And yes, a reporter has to do his job and the president shouldn't be thrown softballs. But that's not an excuse for disrespect. For example, you go on to say this:

I can‘t speak for the reporter’s professional demeanor and I think it’s very important to maintain a respectful rapport, but it‘s the president’s job to keep his cool and respond to the questions posed, not lecture a reporter on how best to do his/her job.

It's the first part of that sentence that my post is about. Even in the small excerpt we are privy to, I think the reporter's "professional demeanor" speaks for itself. And considering what I've seen him do to another politician, it adds up.

And to be fair, from the video it's obvious that the president did in fact answer the questions, and he was reserved enough to address the reporter's actions at the end of the interview when he thought the camera's were done rolling.

Let me ask this question: if anyone can (and should) question how the president is doing his job, can't the president question (seemingly off camera) how a reporter's doing his job? Especially when the president is on the receiving end of what he thinks is unprofessionalism?

Obama is wrong about many things. But in this instance, I think he might have a case.

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