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More on Trump’s popularity… MSNBC thinks The Donald is ‘for reals’


There are few certainties in this life; death, taxes, and MSNBC's undying devotion to character assassination of potential competition to President Obama's re-election hopes. That statement is supported by the channel's previous and well documented obsessions with attacking Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. It is this reality that leads me to believe MSNBC is genuinely worried about having to cover the first Trump Inauguration in January of 2013.

But if you require further proof, consider that network's all-out, ramped-up, frothy attack on Donald Trump.

Tuesday night's MSNBC web page featured a strange choice of a photo of Donald Trump.

Kinda looks like a Hitler-esque salute, no?

Trump is not even a declared candidate and yet, NBC and MSNBC spent considerable time talking about Donald Trump. From 'Morning Joe' to 'The Last Word,' almost every program on the cable channel had a segment devoted to tearing down Trump and his potential candidacy.

Chris Matthews had a problem with the fact that Donald Trump said 'excuse me' when he interrupted an interviewer.

So... Politeness is a problem for a presidential candidate?

A bit later in the evening, Last Word's Lawrence O'Donnell calls Mr. Trump;

  • a very very silly man
  • the court jester of American business
  • an out of control liar
  • NBC's Charlie Sheen
  • the greatest individual embarrassment in the history of the network [NBC]

In referencing Mr. Trump, O'Donnell seems to use the term 'liar' more than Trump's name.

Watch for yourself, make your own decision. Is this real reporting or agenda-driven character assassination?

Trump's ability to connect with people is on par with many great politicians. So what if he has not been elected to serve in the Senate or the House, he's been in weekly elections on a national level each and every time he has a show on television. The undeclared candidate Trump has more real-world experience than any of the potential declared candidates for the 2012 Presidential race. (Mitt's not official yet, right?)

You may not like Donald Trump, or even consider him to be a serious candidate, but does he deserve this kind of treatment? After all, he's just doing what so many of us have done. He has wondered aloud what it would be like if he were elected President of the United States of America?

So why can't people take a Donald Trump candidacy seriously?  Al Sharpton was allowed to dream the White House dream, why not Trump?

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