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Editing Trick, or Did Allen West Admit to Glenn He's Running for Prez?


"you're creeping me out"

Glenn Beck has been trying to recruit Allen West to run for president for the last month. And over the last few weeks, he's salivated every time a sound bite featuring West surfaces. So Beck's interview with West on radio today could probably be best described as a love fest. In fact, Beck even had some Barry White playing in the background. Really.

While the interview was lighthearted (see above reference to Barry White), Beck did cover some serious positions such as West's view of the Fed. But that's really not what many wanted to hear. What everyone was looking for is whether or not West is going to run for president in 2012. The answer? "Not now."

But "not now" wasn't an answer Beck was willing to take, and instead edited West's response to include the answer he'd been wishing for. Hear the hilarious exchange below (the edited reaction starts at about 14:00):

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