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This is why you won't read any of my stories tomorrow


Tomorrow you will not read any of my stories. Okay, you won't read many of my stories. That's because I'm planning on taking the day off. I have a big day: I'll be taking my motorcycle road test.

Some might be wondering why I need the day off to do that. Sure, the DMV has long lines, but an entire day? The answer is: when you live in New York City, you have to plan a day. Not only do I have to take the test, but then I have to wait in line to have my license changed. Disaster.

I think I'm ready. I have to be up front, though. While I am taking my "motorcycle" test, and if I pass I will have my motorcycle license, I'm really taking the test on a scooter. See, in New York you have to have a motorcycle license for any two-wheeled automobile that goes over 25 MPH. Mine goes 65. So yes, you're right that if I pass I will have my motorcycle license and will have NEVER had driven a motorcycle in my life.

In preparation for my test, I got a new helmet. I went online and bought one that made me the feel the most like my friend Chris who is currently in Air Force flight school. This is what I came up with:

Yup, be jealous. Be very jealous.

In other news, If I survive I will be doing an interview with Aleksander Danilov of everydayRADIO and Taking Back America on blogtalkradio.com. You can read the tease here and tune in at 9 pm ET.

I have a feeling I'll be giving a full rundown of my motorcycle test.

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