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Little Girl With a Dead Squirrel': Is This 'Bad Parenting' or Just a Morbidly Cute Video?


"Hey, what is it you have there...?"

This clip is screaming to be introduced by "America's Funniest Home Video's" Tom Bergeron or possibly Dr. Phil as he launches into a show on bad parenting. Either way, it's a winner.

A young girl is outside playing and sees the family dog kill a squirrel. It doesn't shock or even frighten the young lady. She wants to show this trophy to her parents, whose first instinct is to run and grab the video camera.

Watch the clip that sparked a very broad reaction at the offices of The Blaze, then take the poll: (Content warning, mom's language not for broadcast)

Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel - Watch more Funny Videos

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