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Mayor of Jerusalem Tells Beck His Simple Rule for Detecting Evil in Strategic Relationships



On Monday morning Glenn Beck announced his ambitious plan to hold a "Restoring Courage" rally in Israel this summer.

Monday evening, the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, joined Glenn live in his television studio in New York to talk about the important alliance between the United States and Israel.

Barkat explained that the strategic relationship is "most important" to Israel.   He called it a "two-way street" with Israel providing important intelligence and insight in combating terror.

Glenn talked about his impression on a recent visit to Israel that people were "awake."

"That tends to happen when people are trying to kill you or run you into the sea," Beck observed.

Asked about detecting the difference between good and evil, Barkat had a simple equation:

Barkat concluded the interview with a sincere explanation of his mission to serve the people of all faiths in his city.

"I believe that's the opposite of evil."

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