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Did Biden Really Refuse to Clap After Netanyahu's Jerusalem Comments?


Maybe. But maybe not.

It's a question swirling around the internet: Did Vice President Joe Biden refuse to applaud after Benjamin Netanyahu said Jerusalem should never be a divided city?

According to the video, it seems that way:

It's important to understand, however, that all the networks share the same feed when it comes to speeches inside the House chambers. So no angle can completely prove or disprove "clapgate."

With that in mind, consider that there are several times in the speech where Biden was slow to applaud and the camera barely caught his hands moving to clap, didn't catch his applause until cutting to a different shot, or where he appears not to clap at all. For example, when Netanyahu was cracking a joke about the Israeli parliament, it appears Biden din't join in with everyone else when they clapped:

[Note: all the following videos are different, however the thumbnail pictures are the same]

Similarly, Biden appears to be the last one to applaud during comments about Arab freedom in Israel:

Again, later in the speech when Netanyahu's makes the passionate point that Israel is not an occupier and Israel has been the Jewish land for thousands of years, Biden's hands appear to stay still. But after the camera pans back to a full shot, you see that he did eventually join in:

So this raises a multitude of questions. Did Biden intentionally refrain from clapping, or did the cameras just cut away too quickly? Were there multiple spots where he didn't applaud? And if so, even if it wasn't an intentional slight, was his error that he wasn't in tune enough with the speech to know that the Jerusalem comments were so important he should have clapped?

In the Christian faith there is a common argument used to prove Jesus was who he said he was. He was either a liar, a lunatic, or Lord. Maybe the question for Biden is, was he lazy, lethargic, or very liberal?

And in the end, might the first two be even worse (or more disrespectful) than the last?

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