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Say What? Trump Set to Release a Political Book This Fall


"...the Trumpian way to restore America’s greatness"

So, The Donald isn't running for president (for the moment, at least). But, he is planning to write a book about American politics. As you've probably noticed, the monumentally-successful businessman has been quite chatty over the past few months about everything he sees wrong with Obama and the political system as it currently stands.

Rather than making a run for the world's most coveted position, Trump plans to lay out his proposals (and rants) in literary form.  Mediaite reports that his forthcoming book will be published by Regnery. Here's what the publisher's president, Marji Ross, had to say about the book deal:

“[Trump] has proved to be a remarkably powerful force in American politics. Mr. Trump’s message – that America, once the most powerful nation on Earth, has lost the respect of the world – clearly resonates with millions of Americans who are angry about the decline of our great nation. We are honored he has chosen us to publish his book.”

The book, which is currently untitled, will be released this fall. What can we expect it to include? The Washington Post packages its theories hilariously well:

In the book, we’ll discover the Trumpian way to restore America’s greatness — and no doubt be treated to yet more hilarious Trumpuffery.

Will you be picking up a copy?

(h/t Mediaite)

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