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Watch an Atlanta Magician's Car Trick Go Horribly Wrong


"I don’t remember hitting my head or breaking anything."

Anthony Mooney goes by the stage name "Moodini." He's a magician, or more specifically an escape artist. On Thursday, he was performing an escape stunt at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Local station WSB-TV explains how it was supposed to work:

On Thursday night, he was performing a stunt between races whereby he was chained at his wrists to a car. His head was covered with a black bag. In the stunt, the car speeds off and Mooney has just seconds to escape out of the shackles before he's hurled down the track.

He said he's done the stunt twice before without any problems, but Thursday, he said his timing was off and he got pulled down the track.

This is what the end result looks like:

This is how he got there:

This is the video that shows it all:

And this is the interview afterwords:

"I thank the good Lord I'm not dead right now," Mooney said.

"I remember the car taking off, and I remember feeling the vibrations in the chain because I was blindfolded. Then I remember being on the ground ...being put into an ambulance. I don’t remember hitting my head or breaking anything. I was unconscious for a little while."

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