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UK Man Collapses in Hospital & Dies After Nurses Ignore Him for 10 Hrs.


"a dead animal"

When 41-year-old Peter Thompson arrived in a UK hospital after having a concoction of alcohol and drugs, it's reasonable to expect that he would have bene treated. He wasn't. Instead, he collapsed on the floor, just 200 yards from the emergency center. And there he lay, for 10 hours, as nurses stepped around him dismissing him as a mere drunk. He died because of the inaction.

But adding to the horror is how Thompson's body was treated after he died -- he was dragged through the hall like "a dead animal," his family said.

The Daily Mail reports:

The scenes which shame the NHS were all captured on CCTV. Staff thought Mr Thompson was merely drunk and left him to ‘sleep it off’.

Yesterday a coroner condemned the death as ‘wholly preventable’.

An inquest heard that the father-of-one, who had consumed a cocktail of drink and drugs, could have been saved had he received emergency treatment.

The hospital’s accident and emergency department was just 200 yards away.

Last night it emerged that three nurses face a disciplinary inquiry over their inaction.

The incident happened at the Manchester Royal Infirmary in April last year where Thompson was a voluntary patient for drug and alcohol programs. When he showed up he had a bottle of Vodka that he refused to surrender. Nurses decided to let him "sleep it off."

The hospital and the family have reached a settlement in the case.

"It seems to me undeniable that the jury came to a conclusion the death was wholly preventable," a local coroner said during an investigation into the matter.

Britain uses a socialized medicine model run by an organization called the NHS.

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