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Penn Jillette: Glenn Beck Is a Nut -- But I Like Him


"I sat in a room with Glenn. He's not trying to kill people."

Big Think:

Question: You've appeared a few times on the Glenn Beck show. What do you think of him?

Penn Jillette: He's a nut. I mean, he's a deep, deep nut. On a one-on-one level I like him. My tolerance for crazy people is I think high a tolerance as you're ever going to find. I love being around David Allen Coe. I would have loved to hang out with Tiny Tim. I can listen to Sun Ra on a tape-recording rant. I have... it's not patience, it's love for people who are... live outside the law. And Glenn Beck is that.

For the full transcript click here.

Here's a flashback clip of Glenn and Penn (they could be a great morning radio team!) from May of 2009:

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