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Bachmann Reveals To Glenn What You Didn't See on Camera Last Night


"I was like the kid in class"

Less than 24 hours after unofficially announcing she will be a candidate for president, Michele Bachmann joined Glenn Beck on radio today to talk about her platform, issues of the day, and last night's GOP debate. And she even revealed something you didn't see on camera.

“Well, one thing that you didn’t see on camera is that I was like the kid in class that has their hand up all the time and maybe it was good that that wasn’t on the camera," she said. "But I wanted to weigh in on so many those issues, and one of them had to do with Medicare. Because right now we’re hearing President Obama demagogue against Republicans that are actually trying to save Medicare and deal with it and get it into a fiscally sane way so that senior citizens have their needs met so we don’t bankrupt the country."

She also talked about when she'll make her "official" announcement, and endures some jokes from Glenn and co-host Pat Gray about announcing an announcement. You can watch it below:

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