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Hacker vs Hacker: Alleged 17-Year-Old Breaks Into, Defaces LulzSec Hacker Page

You will never represent the real hacking scene.

Looks like there could be serious internal divisions within the anti-secrecy hacker community. According Twitter postings, a 17 year old member of “TeaMp0isoN” -- a supposed hacker group -- apparently broke into the page of a hacker associated with the group Lulz Security (LulzSec),  and bragged about it.

It seems what started as a Twitter spat between members of TeaMp0isoN, LulzSec and Anonymous may grow into a tit-for-tat hacker feud. Members of TeaMp0isoN appear to be accusing LulzSec and Anonymous of being pretenders, stating in one post that they are "just fed up with people thinking Lulz/Anon are hackers when clearly they are just DDoSers." DDoS is short for "distributed denial of service," which temporarily makes a website unavailable.

A screen shot from the website of an allegedly outed LulzSec member features the music of Celine Dion's "Titanic" in the background, which in conjunction with a tweet (below), shows that TeaMp0isoN believes LulzSec and Anon are about to sink:

Recently, LulzSec has been in the news in relation to a string of hacking attacks, including one that allegedly broke into the CIA's unclassified official webpage. And this past week, as posted on the Blaze, LulzSec and Anonymous claimed they have teamed up to wage cyber war against Fat Cats and governments wishing to keep secrets.

But it's not as if TeaMp0isoN is a fan of government either. The group has posted several anti-FBI messages, and even scoffed at the idea that it would pass on its hacking secrets to law enforcement:

LulzSec has not responded yet to the attack, but Anonmous has, retweeting one of TeaMp0isoN's messages and sending out a response:

In the realm of hackers, TeaMp0isoN has certainly sent a shot across LulzSec's bow. Reprisals on the cyber battlefield could be imminent, unless TeaMp0isoN really does have Lulzsec and Anonymous outgunned, or the latter are too busy with their anti-secrecy campaign to care.

As an interesting side note, another tweet on the TeaMp0isoN Twitter account shows the group isn't a fan of Israel:

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