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An Open Letter to Media Matters

An Open Letter to Media Matters

Came across a copy of this letter, apparently intended for Media Matters. The group is currently getting heat for their questionable tax status, and there's a grassroots movement sending around an IRS complaint form. Here's the full text of the letter:

Dear Media Matters,

First of all, congratulations on using the word 'baselessly' more than any other organization in the history of mankind. You've baselessly found more baselessness than anyone baselessly thought possible. Good job on that.

I'm writing today on behalf of progressives, like yourselves, who despise everything about American history from 1776 to circa 1913 (and most of it since). You've fought valiantly to finally put an end to the outdated ideas in the Constitution, and God (or whoever) willing you'll be able to finish what you've started. But the purpose of this letter isn't merely to shower you with Marxian praise, rather, to raise a concern. Namely: Why isn't Media Matters paying their fair share of taxes?

And I don't mean because you are breaking the law, as some have suggested. I'm a progressive, obviously I don't care about the law. Media Matters should be paying their fair share of taxes because they want to, not because they have to.

Please, don't mistake this for a slam. I am well aware of all the great work you have done to fight against the Bush tax cuts, austerity cuts,  and against low taxes in general.  You understand the need to increase the tax burden on small businesses and job creators during this recession more than anyone. But I'm afraid your political opponents (not to imply you are a political hack organization started by Hillary Clinton or anything like that) will take this opportunity to make it look like you are being really, really hypocritical by not paying any taxes while being the nation's foremost champion of progressive tax increases.

Media Matters reportedly rakes in over $10 million in Soros money grassroots donations each year, yet chooses to remain a tax exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit 'progressive' organization. That's millions of tax dollars NOT going to teachers, police, firefighters, 911 operators and others who desperately need it. A progressive organization should know better, and should even be eager to pay taxes on such a large amount of money. After all, the Vice President said it best: paying taxes is our patriotic duty.

But it gets worse. There's also the uncomfortable issue of income inequality inside the walls of MM. There are over 80 employees, many of whom work endless hours, earn next to nothing and live in their mom's basement, while the top 1% in MM like Mr. 'for the people' David Brock earn over a quarter million dollars a year and live in $2 million dollar, 4500 square ft mansions in the heart of DC.

Can you help me settle a bet I have with all my friends? They complain you are just a political arm of the Democratic party, operated by soulless, lying losers who are in a constant state of outrage over statements 100% of the population would consider 100% non-outrageous.  I happen to believe you guys are angelic truth warriors, bombarding the internet with a steady stream of razer sharp factualness - and I'm convinced it's just some sort of clerical error that you aren't paying taxes. If it isn't,  that would mean you hate teachers. Or so I'm told.

Can you set the record straight?

Regards, Charlie F.

Progressive in NYC

Whoa - Charlie (whose full name is Charlie Fakelton) is really upset. I wonder if Media Matters will respond?

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