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Man Allegedly Shot Co-Worker For Teasing Him Over Doomsday Beliefs


"...facing a felony charge of first-degree assault."

It's been 39 days since the Apocalypse-predicting Harold Camping said the world would come to an end. Since then, those individuals snickering at the reverend's predictions have been vindicated, the religious leader has suffered a stroke and his regular radio show has been replaced.

Now, just when people have finally moved on from Camping's antics, his name has worked its way back into the news. Reports are surfacing that a Eugene, Oregon, man allegedly shot a co-worker for teasing him for believing in the May 21 Doomsday mantra. The Register-Guard has more:

A Lorane woman says her son told her that he was shot last Friday by a co-worker who had been teased at work about his apparent belief in the biblical Rapture that some predicted would cause the end of the world beginning on May 21.

Robin O’Brien said the alleged shooter has worked alongside her son, Jerry Andrews, at LHM Hydraulics in west Eugene for several years...

Andrews, 33, told investigators that [Dale] O’Callaghan called him “one of those Satanic” people after using a .357-caliber revolver to shoot him once in the shoulder area, according to a sworn affidavit filed in Lane County Circuit Court by Eugene police Detective Ben Hall.

In an interesting twist, though, The Christian Post reports that the suspect's father, Ronald O'Callaghan, claims his son was not a believer in Harold Camping's "gospel." At this point, stories aren't lining up on this key point. The Post offers up more details, though, on the tragic shooting:

...O’Callaghan is in the Lane County Jail facing a felony charge of first-degree assault.

The bullet traveled across Andrews’ upper back and became lodged behind his left shoulder and “just missed paralyzing him,” his mother said, adding that he suffered a fractured shoulder and a fractured vertebra. Andrews is being given an outpatient treatment.

While O'Callaghan is certainly responsible for his own actions, if the allegations are true, his name will be added to the list of others who lost their homes, gave away their fortunes and abandoned their very lives in the hopes that they would be included in Camping's promised rapture last month.

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