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Is Deepak Chopra anti-Christian?


Remember that guy who once stated a 7.2-magnitude earthquake in California was caused by his mind? That guy thinks you're a boob because you don't share his opinion regarding the origins of the universe.

I know...I'm devastated too.

As the irrepressible Billy Hallowell reported on the Blaze yesterday, Chopra declared:

Got it?

The guy who makes a living zig zagging the country sprinkling new age fairy dust on fawning crowds thinks your faith is crap.

Chopra's tweets are usually harmless rubbish, spiritual buzzwords strung together as if the million chimpanzees at a million typewriters had been called to account 150 characters into their first attempt to write Shakespeare. But in this latest steaming pile of arrogant presumptuousness, the guru is overtly telling readers that it's preferable that they reject the tenets of their faith. And not just the unimportant stuff like the ten commandments, he wants you to deny the method by which God breathed life into all things.

Sure, the 7 day creation story is shared by all of the Abrahamic traditions but we know who the comment was directed at.

Chopra's hostility to Christianity is not surprising. In keeping with the astrophysical theme, it could be said the guru proverbially orbits a large mass with a considerable gravitational pull, Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey herself is a seemingly lapsed Christian whose own cousin claimed she was fired by the queen of daytime talk for "talking about Jesus".

Chopra rakes in millions of dollars a year peddling this kind of crap in spoken and literary form. His Christian fans might want to think twice before they go out and attend another one of his seminars or buy another one of his books, considering what he thinks of their traditions.

Nick Rizzuto is a producer for GBTV. Follow on Twitter @Nick_Rizzuto.

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