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Former Army Lawyer: Some Prisoners Prefer GITMO Living Over Going Home


The Harry Potter series translated into Arabic is very popular.

Perhaps GITMO gets a bad rap. Apparently, some detainees would rather stay than return to their home countries. For these sworn enemies of the Unites States, the cuisine and recreation of the Guantanamo Bay-based detention facility are among the selling points.

Kyndra Rotunda, formerly of the Army's Judge Advocate General's Office, shared this insight with CNS News. The author of "Honor Bound: Inside the Guantanamo Trials," Rotunda is currently a civilian teaching international law.

Rotunda discussed some other perks afforded the prisoners. For example, the library has 5,000 titles for them to peruse, including the Harry Potter book series (translated into Arabic of course); prisoners can visit the computer lab if the mood strikes them; during the many hours they spend each day outside their housing bays, detainees have their choice of sports footwear. And the list goes on and on.

DOD has even flown in special fruits and nuts so that detainees can observe Ramadan. But our military drew the line at sacrificing a goat.

But, don't tell any of this to the activists who like to protest outside the White House:

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