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Bachmann Bites Back: They Want You to Think Tea Party Is 'Toothless Hillbillies


"...they should be afraid of Tea Party."

Move over Mamma Grizzly; hello barracuda Bachmann.

During a Tea Party stop in Iowa, 2012 presidential candidate Michele Bachmann had some strong words for those who want to demonize and trivialize constitutionally-minded conservatives. In essence, doing so will be to your detriment.

"They want you to think that the Tea Party is made up of toothless hillbillies coming down out of hills wearing red, white and blue," she told the crowd, "but the fact is they should be afraid of the Tea Party."

WHO-TV captured the remarks in a video report:

According to local tea Party Revolution leader Ryan Rhodes, the message is a strong one.

"A Tea Party candidate advocating for Tea Party principals will win Iowa and they will move on," he told WHO.

"I think it will be very hard to beat Bachmann in Iowa."

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