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Friday evening must-reads


6 false lessons of the space shuttle

Congress wants automatic wage deductions to pay down the debt

Report: 90% of Obama travel this year either partially or entirely political

A complete timeline of ATF's operation "Fast and Furious"

Media lobby for life of killer-rapist

New EPA rules devastate coal industry

Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen says Pakistan "sanctioned" journalist's killing

John Bolton: Confused U.S. policy to blame for Libya's muddle

Michelle Malkin: Beware of Dr. Jihad

Barack Obama, Comedian in Chief

Stimulus dollars meant for the poor go to lawyers & lobbyists

Welcome to the world, South Sudan

Tax cuts work for Canada

Michigan woman faces 93 days in jail for planting "unsuitable" vegetable garden

With today's dour jobs news, this video from last fall highlighting parallels between today and the Great Depression seems especially poignant:

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Southern Poverty Law Center attorney among 23 arrested for domestic terrorism

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