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Wednesday morning must-reads


Allen West: "Rigid ideologue" Obama is a "sad and pathetic" fear monger

WSJ defends the Mitch McConnell compromise

Jim DeMint refuses to support McConnell maneuver

Stephen Hayes: The McConnell plan's pitfalls

Obama pits Boehner against Cantor

Bernanke hints at more QE

Waterloo: Obama positions himself for defeat

Dick Durbin: DREAM Act is small step for illegal immigrants, giant leap toward amnesty

Is North Dakota really a state?

Obamanomics: Never say sorry to a cash contributor

Taxpayers foot big bills for professional sports

House committee demands NLRB documents on Boeing

ATF loses track of 1,400 drug cartel guns

John Boehner: "‘I don’t know’ what happens if we don’t get a deal

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