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Palin labeled 'celebrity' by National Park Service


Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin certainly has star power, but would you really call her a "celebrity"? National Park Service Director John Jarvis would. And officially, he did!

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., complained to the NPS in June about Palin's "One Nation" bus tour's stops at federal parks and monuments. He questioned the NPS on the tour's "use of federal resources." Jarvis responded with a letter, according to CBS News:

Jarvis said the Park Service treated Palin's tour as a "celebrity" visit, which is not uncommon at national parks. The Park Service is "quite adept at doing everything possible to ensure that these visits cause minimal disruption" to other visitors, he wrote.

"The governor was not looking to hold an event, give a speech, or conduct any other activity that would require a National Park Service permit," Jarvis wrote. "However, given the significant media attention, and the large 'branded' bus in which the family would be traveling, it was clear that these would not be the typical family visits that we see most days in most national parks."

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