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Wednesday morning must-reads


Allen West stands by email smack down of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Paul Ryan responds to Gang of 6 proposal

Public dissatisfaction with Washington hits 19-year high

Barack Obama is top recipient of News Corp. political donations

Is Rupert Murdoch's wife a secret ninja?

Thomas Sowell: Misreading 90 years of tax-cut history

Beyond job security: Federal workers more likely to die than lose jobs

Give Greece what it deserves: Communism

Minnesota shutdown winds down

Ben Shapiro: A Jew thanks Glenn Beck

Bachmann gives her critics headaches

Man arrested for videotaping police arrested again

Republicans heart motorcycles

Photos: 16 amazing things NASA did to train its astronauts

1 out of every 66 Americans is apparently psycho

Chris Christie on debt debate: Obama has failed to lead

h/t Weekly Standard

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