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NYC Subway Fight Sends Baby Stroller Flying Out of Train...Mother Keeps Fighting!


Wigs, profanities, and baby strollers were flying.

Just when you thought the underground couldn't get any seedier, a nasty cat-fight broke out in a NYC subway where the participant's own baby was allowed to literally "roll away" during the altercation. Yes, profanities, wigs, and even a baby stroller went flying.

When the L train stops, one woman's baby carriage rolls right out of the doors, with the baby still in it. Instead of tending to her child, the mother pays more attention to mauling her nemesis.

After the fight is broken up, the mother reportedly exits the subway car, collects her baby and pushes the stroller along the platform while the other woman continues to shout profanities.

Watch the cringe-worthy video below:

[youtube expand=1]

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