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Police Brutality? Video Shows Tennessee Cops Beating & Tasering Naked Man


The FBI has joined an investigation into a police beating that left one man with four broken ribs and a punctured lung in Waverly, Tenn.

Four police officers engaged Darrin Ring, 34, after responding to a call reporting gunshots in the area. Instead of finding gun trouble, officers stumbled across Ring, intoxicated and unarmed.

Officers reportedly became fed up with Ring after asking him multiple times to take his hands out of his pockets.

They turned to force to get their message across - even using stun guns repeatedly and dousing him with pepper spray over and over.

They stripped him of his clothes, put him in handcuffs, pushed him down into the snow.

One officer claims Ring tried to kick him in the groin area and poke his eye.

The picture below shows an officer raising him arm to take a swing at Ring, who's naked legs are visible on the ground on the left side of the image.

So how did anyone find out about this in the first place? A video camera on the dashboard of one of the police cars recorded the entire conflict. This video shows selections of the whole exchange that The Daily Mail reports lasted for about 10 minutes.

Ring spent five months in jail on charges of resisting police and three counts of aggravated assault on a police officer after the attack. He couldn't afford to post bond. His situation became less dire earlier this month when a public-appointed attorney, Jake Lockert, found and released the video. On July 11, the district attorney dropped all the charges and released Ring.

According to a report from The Tennessean, the officers involved in the arrest, Humphreys County deputies Tim Hedge, James McCord and Benjie Lee and Waverly police officer Joe Parnell have been placed on leave. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation also launched an investigation in July.

“I’m glad the FBI and the TBI are taking this matter seriously,” Lockert told The Tennessean. “My hope is that based on this investigation, Darrin Ring will be exonerated and that the officers involved will at least be decertified and not carry a badge and a gun again.”

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