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New Audio: Anti-Tea Party Protester Explains White People's 'Racist Gene' in Bizarre Interview


"It's genetic -- there's no question about it." He even commented on "the Racist Glenn Beck."

When video first surfaced earlier this week of a black anti-Tea Party protester uttering bizarre theories about "sell out Negroes" and racism being exclusive to whites, the audio was so wild we wondered aloud if it was real. We've done some more digging leading us to believe it is. But now that digging has led to more incredible audio.

In an interview with John Osterlind of WRNO-RADIO 99.5 in New Orleans on Wednesday, Cal doubled down on his statements. It's nine minutes of audio that can only be labeled as bizarre.

According to Cal, he was speaking "truth" in the video from the weekend, and  it's "absolutely" true that white people have a racist gene.

"It's genetic -- there's no question about it," he said. "No other race has done that."

As if that wasn't odd enough, he then did some intellectual gymnastics while trying to explain how the racism gene didn't get passed on to Barack Obama, since Obama's mother was white. We could try to excerpt it for you, but you just have to listen:

Cal hasn't just been doubling down via radio. He also apparently took to the web to explain what happened on Sunday in Los Angeles.

In an entry posted Wednesday on the blog "Realbrother's Blog," A person identifying himself as Cal berates blacks who were at the Tea Party event (which featured black conservatives), even targeting those in interracial marriages:

Yes I wasn’t sure I should go because some of the Racists were egging me on and I know how much they hate Blacks especially empowered Blacks like myself who reject the MYTH of their genetic and intellectual superiority. ... So I rolled up on em’ and the first thing I noticed was the Black Tea Party has all of ten Black people in it. Paid Sellouts and a few Sellout Sista’s married to White boys or Black man hating Black lesbians who feel President Obama’s election set em’ back 50 years. I will say there was one lesbian Sista’ that was on our side and me and her worked together as a team she’s got some tape of me somewhere and I give my love to you Sista’ you represented. [Emphasis added]

"Of course I was out there for about 4 hours holding court preaching and pontificating and dropping nothing but the truth," he adds.

He later mentions how his rant made it on the Glenn Beck radio show:

They thought they would clown some goofy Obama supporters but of course when I let em’ have it and the Racist Glenn Beck played some of the clip on his radio show they actually paused and listened to what I was saying which of course was the absolute unabashed TRUTH and they had hurry up and take the video down.

"They had to take it down" is a curious statement, and it's unclear what he means. It is possible that Cal saw the original story about his video on The Blaze. One of the videos we featured was removed by the user due to a copyright claim, but our story still includes the original video.

So what about Cal's claim that "some of the Racists were egging me on?" Again, we're not sure exactly what he means, but we reached out to the man who filmed the original video to get his side of the story.

That man is Sam Ziselman of the group Derail Amnesty. Ziselman decided to attend the rally in Los Angeles, and while there noticed a loud and boisterous protester.

"My attention was promptly drawn to an individual who was causing quite a stir and doing a good deal of hollering," Ziselman explained in an e-mail to The Blaze. "He was clearly upset by the presence of African-Americans at a conservative political function, and repeatedly stated/suggested they wanted to be white or had sold their own people out."

He said the event's organizers were trying to get the man to be quit and respectful. But it wasn't working. So Ziselman pulled him aside and asked him if he was willing to explain himself on camera. He was, resulting in the viral video.

So how did Ziselman treat Cal?

"I would describe my demeanor as polite and inquisitive," he said. "The brief questions you hear during the bulk of the interview constitute most of what I said to him, on or off the camera."

Ziselman was familiar with Theron Cal long before the rest of the country. He explained that Cal had a his habit of calling into local radio and passionately pontificating.

"Theron would frequently call in to the broadcast and scream about 'sell-outs' and 'self-hating' blacks," Ziselman said. "He made remarks very similar to what he voiced in the direction of my camera, on Sunday."

Despite Cal's history of making controversial remarks, though, in his blog post he says that his words will probably be taken and skewed. Not necessarily the part about the racist whites -- no, it's far more conspiratorial than that.

"What they’ll do now is try to edit the tape without sound or add someone else’s voice so that they can make me say what they want to make me say," he writes. "Of course I’ll sue them when they do and then I’ll get paid."

He concludes: "These Racists have to be some of the dumbest people on the planet."

(H/T: WRNO-RADIO producer James Parker)

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