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Obama wants America to be more like THIS? Uh, no...


President Obama has repeatedly lifted up China as a shining example for America to follow – here’s one such instance:

“Their ports, their train systems, their airports are vastly superior to us now, which means if you are a corporation deciding where to do business you’re starting to think, “Beijing looks like a pretty good option. Why aren’t we doing the same thing?”

Maybe China seems like a good option to Obama because he’s reading their newspapers. After a deadly bullet train wreck last weekend, someone with a death wish leaked the directives from the Chinese government to the media on how to report the incident.

Via Business Insider: (emphasis mine)

“On the Wenzhou train collision accident, various media must report information from the Ministry of Railways in a timely manner, media from various regions must not send reporters [to the scene] to report the story, and child papers and magazines as well as websites must especially be managed well. Links must not be made to the development of the high-speed rail, and reports looking back must not be done.”

President Obama sure knows how to pick em, eh? It gets worse.

“Latest demands on the Wenzhou train collision accident: 1. Figures on the number of dead must follow numbers from authoritative departments; 2. Frequency of reports must not be too dense; 3. More reporting should be done on stories that are extremely moving, for example people donating blood and taxi drivers not accepting fares; 4. There must be no seeking after the causes [of the accident], rather, statements from authoritative departments must be followed; 5. No looking back and no commentary.

” . . . From now on, the Wenzhou train accident should be reported along the theme of ‘major love in the face of major disaster’. No calling into doubt, no development [of further issues], no speculation, and no dissemination [of such things] on personal microblogs! . . . ”

Well doesn't that sound pleasant. Sometimes I wonder if we've slipped into a parallel universe - you wouldn't think the President would hold China up as an example and Communist regimes would sound 'tempting' to him - but amazingly, they do.

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