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Video: McConnell slams Senate Dems for 'prolonging crisis


Boom. Winning:

Senator Mitch McConnell's stinging comments delivered this morning on the floor of the Senate, via RCP:

Democrats are out bragging about how they’re going to prolong this crisis instead of doing the hard work of trying to solve it.  And that includes the President. ...

How about this: how about a plan from Democrats in Washington that can pass both chambers, prevent this crisis and protect Americans from a worsening economy?

I would suggest to my friends on the other side this morning that they start taking their responsibilities as a majority party a little more seriously, because at this point, the only people who are disregarding the consequences of default are Senate Democrats — not the Republicans in the House — but them.  Republicans have been doing the hard work of governing this week. It’s about time Democrats join us.

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