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Van Jones Goes on NPR to Promote His Anti-Tea Party Group


Far-left activist Van Jones has found a new vehicle to promote his progressive views: NPR.

In an interview on All Things Considered Sunday, President Obama's former adviser for "green" jobs went on a 5-minute tirade promoting his "American Dream Movement" and blaming the Tea Party, whose caucus makes up only a quarter of House Republicans and four U.S. Senators, for everything from delaying a debt limit increase to protecting billionaires.

During the interview Jones hit some of his favorite talking points:

"This tiny minority of people are holding a gun to the heads of 310 million Americans saying 'you do it our way or we will blow a hole in the American economy.'"

"I don't know how these people get a chance to be called patriots when everything they say about America's government is how terrible, how awful it is."

In the interview, NPR allows Jones to say, without much challenge, that his group is not like the Tea Party -- "bankrolled" by the Koch Brothers and promoted by "Fox TV".  NPR failed to note that Jones' group is sponsored by MoveOn.org in partnership with the Daily Kos, Planned Parenthood, Code Pink, Green for All, and ProgressiveCongress.org, among others.

The Fox News statement is especially interesting because it raises the question of what platform National Public Radio is providing Jones in this interview.

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