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Tuesday morning must-reads


Thanks to irresponsible Congress, tax holiday on air travel continues

Joe Biden jokes about Gabby Giffords' "cracked head"

Democrats dine on Satan sandwiches

Why do debt addicts blame the victims?

Jim DeMint may campaign against incumbents over debt deal

Stephen Moore: Liberal debt deal revolt

Does America deserve a credit downgrade?

Dem congressman says tea party wants to "dismantle the American government"

John Bolton: The debt deal & the threat to America's national security

"For God and country": How our SEALs got bin Laden

Deja vu: Egyptian army breaks up protests in Tahrir Square

What's the connection between Ted Kennedy and... Al Capone?

MSNBC host and Bill Maher invite Americans to embrace their inner socialist

Israeli PM: Let's talk about borders

Virginia woman faces $535 fine for rescuing baby bird

"The Spending is Nuts"

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