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Children Chide ‘Puppet’ Mubarak’s Support for Israel During Mock TV Trial


"...you were helping [Israel] to kill the Palestinians and to occupy their lands."

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has translated yet another shocking (and some would contend -- disturbing) Egyptian video. This partcular clip features children serving as "prosecutors" in a mock trial for former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. In the clip, the fallen leader is played by...a puppet.

Mubarak (the puppet) begins by telling the children the following:

"Brothers and sisters, I have spent my life serving this country. As I stand before you today, I tell you that I will not comply with these demands. I tell you... If anyone has a question, go ahead."

But, the kids, portraying a fierce jury of the former president's peers, don't really have any curiosities. Instead of interrogating their former leader, they respond by condemning him and chanting that Mubarak and his family are the enemies of Allah. Then, one of the children says:

"You are Israel's best friend. Israel was the country most saddened by your fall and your trial, because you were helping them to kill the Palestinians and to occupy their lands."

When Mubarak tries to defend the Jews, one of the child "prosecutors" claims that the former leader has brought "cancer" on the Egyptians. But, rather than engaging in hyperbole, one of the kids very literally claims that Mubarak bought pesticides from Israel that, when used, killed the Egyptian people:

"You treated the vegetables and fruits with all kinds of hormones coming from Israel, in order to inflict the Egyptians with cancer, but God was lying in wait for you, and He gave you a taste of your own medicine, inflicting you with cancer."

At the end of the video, a caller can be heard asking to speak to the show's producer. The individual appears upset that the children (i.e. the actors) aren't being taught to "respect others" as a result of their participation in the program (although the individual may be speaking more generally about the negative message the show is disseminating).

Watch the entire dialogue for yourself:

(h/t MEMRI)

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