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Beck Says Chavez Not Happy About Planned Stop in Venezuela


"Chavez wanted a detailed itinerary of what I was planning on doing"

On radio Thursday, Glenn Beck told his audience that while on his way to South Africa, there was a curious incident that occurred during a planned stopover in Egypt.* But what we didn't know yesterday is why. Now we do: it's partly because of Hugo Chavez.

Beck told the Chavez-related story on his show Friday, and said that Chavez raised questions about Beck's planned stop in Venezuela, and those questions were relayed to Beck during his stop in Egypt.

"I am informed by [my chief of staff] Joe that Hugo Chavez wanted a detailed itinerary of what I was planning on doing in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, and Hugo didn't like it, and he would not allow my plane to land in Venezuela," he explained.

Beck is planning on visiting South America as part of a special leg of a global human rights campaign.

Despite the push back from Chavez, however, Beck may have gotten the last laugh. According to him, he has "found a way" to still get his message across in the dictator's country: via technology.*

"Hugo believes that he is going to stop people like me from speaking out and speaking their mind," Beck said.

Listen to beck tell the story below:

*We've updated the story after getting some more details from Beck's camp about the stop and the incident.

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