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Are You Guys That Stupid?' NJ National Guard Trucks Stall in Roof-High Water


"How is that possible?"

There are a lot of flooding videos out there ever since Hurricane Irene rolled through the Northeast. Most of them are devastating. So we thought it would be a good change of pace to bring you one that might make you chuckle.

Below you'll find a video that allegedly shows a convoy of New Jersey National Guard trucks trying to drive through an extremely flooded roadway. There are a couple interesting elements. First, it's amazing that the trucks make it most of the way, despite water that is so high it covers the windshield. Two, despite that, it's still curious why the guardsmen are trying to do it. And three, how about the guy recording it all that's ridiculing them for it?

"How is that possible," he asks. Another man off camera can be hard saying, "It's the Army, yo." And that's all before he asks out loud, "Are you guys that stupid?"

See it all below:

So how is it possible? It's partly because, you'll notice, the exhaust pipe [one reader wrote in to say it is actually the air intake] is located near the top of the cabin. But even that can't fully prevent the trucks from stalling in such high water.

(H/T: Buzzfeed)


NJ.com has a picture showing that, indeed, the National Guardsmen had to be rescued.

Additionally, Jalopnik says the vehicles are LMTVs (light medium tactical vehicles). And although they are regularly used for travel in high water, they obviously do have their limits. Here's video of one not under water:

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