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Kansas St. University Unveils 'EcoKat' Mascot...and Beck Viewers May Recognize the Logo


"crusader of conservation and fanatic of fluorescent lightbulbs."

If only there were a masked, teased-haired, purple gloved, cape-wearing cheerleader to get college students to cut their energy usage and start using efficient lightbulbs.

She's here. And just wait until you see her and her partner's new logo.

Introducing Kansas State University's newest mascot...EcoKat!

EcoKat is Kansas State's "crusader of conservation and fanatic of fluorescent lightbulbs" and she's here to "make sure K-State stays on the path to green."

She wears an outfit made of 90 percent repurposed materials, mostly from the athletics department. According to the university's website, eco-friendly dyes make the get-up "entirely sustainable and recyclable within K-State."

Joining forces with existing mascot Willie the Wildcat, the pair form the "EcoEnforcers," who are on a mission to teach students what they can do conserve. Kansas State is hoping to cut energy usage by 15 percent over the next four years.

Watch EcoKat pump students up to participate in an energy-saving challenge against Kansas University:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/kct7YkIujKc?version=3&hl=en_US expand=1]

Incidentally, the EcoEnforcers "E2" logo looks an awful lot like the logos for Glenn Beck's "E4" solution, unveiled in January, representing enlightenment, education, empowerment and entrepreneurship.


Also, it looks like it might not be entirely smooth sailing for EcoKat. Her debut this week was met with a fair amount of online ridicule and has already sparked at least one parody account on Twitter.

"#EcoKat makes me want to leave my porch light on 24hours and drive two blocks to the gas station for a pack of gum," one Twitter user wrote.

Another said, "In honor of #EcoKat, I will separate my plastics, glass and aluminum from one another... then put them in the trash anyways."

"If you thought generic brand easy mac sucked, wait till you read about ecokat," one user said. Another described it as "a new low for kstate."

So tell us, would EcoKat make you go green?

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