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‘Conservatives United’ PAC goes after Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked the federal government for nearly $350 million for incarcerating illegal immigrants, two days before declaring his candidacy for president. (AP File Photo)

Apparently the conservatives at Keep Conservatives United don't think that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is conservative enough to "unite" with. That's why they've released this pro-Michele Bachmann ad in South Carolina which claims Perry is not the fiscal hawk he says he is:

As someone not fluent in the fiscal reputation of Rick Perry, I cannot comment on the substance of this ad.  However, you didn't think that would really stop me from sharing my opinion, did you?

I gotta say -- I think this is a risky ad to run for the pro-Bachmann folks.  Going after the record of your opponent is, of course, always ok.  However, if you're really trying to score points for Bachmann -- a candidate with no actual executive experience in having the final say in decisions on spending -- I don't think this is an area you want to draw much attention to.

It's easy to attack your opponent's record, but Ms. Bachmann should know that such attacks will simultaneously draws attention to the lack of her own.

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