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Thursday morning must-reads


Condoleezza Rice: Dick Cheney's memoir is an "attack on my integrity"

Obama to supporters: Congress is sooooo frustrating

Poll: 65% disapprove of Obama's handling of the economy

Community organizer-in-chief: White House creates website to host online petitions

MSNBC contributor: GOP wouldn't cancel debate because they're raaaaacist

Is the Kennedy family plotting a political comeback?

Sarah Palin headed to South Korea?

UAW workers contemplate striking against Ford

AFL-CIO demands more gov't borrowing & spending,

Is registering poor voters inherently un-American?

Should income taxes be a prerequisite for voting?

Ann Coulter: Liberals' view of Darwin unable to evolve

Social Security is actually worse than a ponzi scheme

A national debt of $14 trillion? Try $211 trillion

A lot can happen in 925 days...

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