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Friday morning must-reads


Live from New York, it's Jobs Friday!

From "yes we can" to "it takes time"

Liberals frame 2012 as a religious war

The 2012 electoral map is taking shape

White House reportedly "furious" over speech delay

Feds sue big banks over mortgages

Liberal House Dems call for $2.2 trillion in new "stimulus" funds

Dick Cheney: Obama will be a one-term president

Majority of conservatives say Sarah Palin should not run

NASCAR drivers turn down Obama WH invitation

Judge slaps labor union with restraining order over threats & violence

Chicago union leader lies his way to lucrative pension perk

Jeb Bush presses for online sales tax

Catholic church donates funds to help repair National Cathedral

Obama is a "rhetorical & substantive failure" says... NYTimes' Frank Rich?!

h/t Greg Hengler

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