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Dutch Artist to Create 9/11 Memorial Celebrating Taliban Fighters


He believes the Islamic threat “is a product of Western propaganda.”

On September 11, Wouter Mijland a Dutch artist living in Dresden, Germany, plans to create a monument -- not for the innocent victims or heroes who perished on that fateful day -- but for fallen Taliban fighters. According to an interview in a German-language blog, Mijland alleges his monument will look like a large jelly can with a heart in the middle.

According to Tundra Taboids, the artist wants to set up a two-meter high sculpture in secret yet counter to logic, do so in a public square. He is purportedly creating his monument to protest a new German war memorial to be erected in the same area -- a memorial he claims is both "frightening and wrong."

Mijland, who allegedly claims the Islamic threat “is a product of Western propaganda,” calls his monument a “cheap provocation.” He also said that “some people think differently about the 11 September 2001 and its consequences on the polarization and stigmatization of people of Muslim religion.”

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